Shoney’s Buffet; Good Food Fast

One of our lunch buffet guests recently made a comment that really stuck with us… “The thing I love about your lunch buffet is that it’s better than fast food. It’s actually really good food, that’s also fast.” That means a lot, but it was just the beginning…

He went on to explain how, as a salesperson usually eating on the road, he “lived off the contents of greasy paper bags collected from drive-through restaurants” and had noticed he’s put on a few pounds in the process. Worse still, he usually felt sluggish by the time he got to his afternoon appointments and started “sucking down energy drinks that cost half as much as a good meal” and kept him awake at night.

So for any of you folks trying to keep pace during the day, but who know they need a good meal too, here are a few things about our lunch buffet to keep in mind:

Our Lunch Express Buffet is served Monday-Friday 11am-2:30pm for $6.99 adults; $6.49 seniors; and $3.99 kids ages 10 and under.

The buffet includes soups, fresh salad fixings, plenty of fruit, hot vegetables and plenty of entrees including include fried & baked chicken, hot wings, meatloaf, pot roast, Salisbury steak, build your own burgers, fried shrimp, baked/fried fish, liver & onions, pulled pork BBQ, fried and smothered pork chops.

We also make seasonal changes to the line-up in order to get the freshest ingredients available for all of our selections.

So whether you are looking for a home-style meal at fast food prices or the instant gratification of good Southern cooking buffet style, Shoney’s has something to suit every taste.

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